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Special Needs Dentistry

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Empowering dental providers and caregivers who care for individuals with physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities, Dr. Dent offers a comprehensive and practical program that will increase the confidence and competence of professionals and improves the oral health of persons with special needs with an efficient and a real-world approach to dental visits and home care.


About Dr. Jacob Dent

Dr. Jacob Dent is an outside the box general dentist and speaker. In practice for 20 years and a multi practice owner, Dr. Dent has built a successful career treating patients of all ages and disabilities in a non-conventional way using desensitization.


Dr. Dent is a fellow of Academy of Dentistry International, clinical director for Special Olympics Special Smiles, Co-founder of  Dental Desensitization Systems.  Dr. Dent is married to his wife Jennifer,  father to his daughter Jayden, and son Ethan, who has Autism.


As a professional speaker, Dr. Dent has given presentations and workshops around the country for the past 8 years to dental professionals, health care providers, students, and families.

Dr. Jacob Dent is an invaluable resource to our second-year dental students to learn the practical and profitable aspect of Special Care Dentistry. He connects to our students who give enthusiastic reviews of his presentations on autism and incorporating special care with effective practice management. 

David Fray, DDS, MBA
Professor UTSD
Fellow American College of Dentists and International College of Dentists
President ADPD


Dr. Jacob Dent Talk's

Talk Topics


It doesn’t matter your experience or training; everyone has questions and fears when it comes to treating patients with special needs. Dr. Dent breaks down these common barriers for dental providers by equipping you with the knowledge and how to in a fun and practical way that will build your confidence and empower you to be a special needs warrior in your practice.

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INCLUSIVE DENTISTRY:  Building a Team and Practice for Neurodiversity.

Dentistry is not just about teeth. It is about the person and their environment that can make or break the experience of a patient at the dentist. In an outside the box workshop, Dr. Dent offers alternatives for creating a sensory friendly dental practice and team.

Dental Desensitization: A collaborative care approach to Behavior Guidance

Dental Desensitization is a non-invasive behavior guidance option to help persons who are Neurodivergent or IDD  progress with their oral health care needs without sedation or stabilization in most cases.  Dr. Dent discusses the need for  collaborative care between dentists, hygienists, caregivers, therapists, and teachers to successfully implement a personalized desensitization program for patients of all ages.   


Dr. Jacob Dent Testimonials

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I have worked with Dr. Dent on 5 different events over the last few years. He has been one of the easiest going speakers I’ve had the chance to work with during my 8 years of planning dental meetings! He is a dynamic speaker who attendees always request repeatedly. It is obvious Dr. Dent enjoys dentistry and sharing his knowledge with an audience. I always look forward to working with him and I look forward to booking him for more events in the future!

Jeanne McFall
Director of Conference Services
Louisiana Dental Association


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